Have you reached a place in your life where you are ready to know yourself deeply?

Are you ready to engage in a deep exploration of yourself?

Are you ready to start recognizing and processing your emotions so you can be present for yourself and others?

Are you ready to see your patterns and defenses and learn how they affect your relationships?

Are you ready to have more harmonious relationships and be truly intimate with others?


Give yourself the gift of self exploration.

It can be transformational to have a place to go each week to untangle the complex web of your psyche. Through these explorations, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. Looking at your life in a deep and intentional way will allow you to become increasingly aware of your essential self. You will begin to live a more authentic and fulfilling life with harmonious relationships.


Having a safe and comfortable place to drop in together each week will allow you and your partner to grow into a more authentic relationship.  Our sessions will create an environment where you can both see how your patterns interplay with each other and how to engage in healthy dynamics. When you are able to see these patterns and move past unhealthy dynamics, you will be able to be vulnerable with each other and ultimately reach new levels of intimacy.